The world, as of current, is taking health and safety to the next level. To minimize the risk of COVID-19, people have been masking up and are practicing the importance of cleanliness. As such, event planning services need to keep this in mind when planning the next big event for everyone to enjoy.

Face-to-face events have been sprouting left and right now that medical professionals and the government deem it safe for everyone to interact. The emergence of the COVID-19 vaccine immensely helped reduce the risks of the virus, thus, paving the way to re-opening social spaces, such as schools, offices, public events, and more.

Bisdal Events LLC, your top event planner & decorator in Frederick, Maryland, emphasizes the need for health and safety when planning our functions. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding, birthday, or corporate event, we make it a point to let party-goers follow safety procedures to prevent any risk of infection.

The key takeaway for providers of events & decor like us is the importance of assessing the risk of each event we plan. We can help you plan and budget for safety without sacrificing the fun and whimsicality of your affair. Here are some things that need to be tackled:

  • Provide safe and sanitary event spaces and flexible booking policies
  • Creating a backup plan in case of scheduled emergencies (such as lockdowns)

Every event is special, whether it’s for 10 people or 200. We would love to brainstorm with you about your ideas and goals to make each event unique and a reflection of you. Partner with our event designer in Maryland and bring your vision to life.